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It still didn't seem real to Ainsley. Maybe it was the lack of all outward symptoms. She was as hungry as she ever was and she had never been regular with...well, that mostly in part to her strange and funny metabolism. So when she just kept going about things as usual, she thought it was her fault, that it was something to do with her.

Having the news otherwise is like some kind of waking dream that she's not sure how to wake up from just yet. She had taken her time and had processed the news and a full day after she heard it, she felt like she was ready to go home and tell Shadow. She took a deep breath as she carried in the food that she brought from the Compound, mainly sweets, and smiled warmly at him. "I had the most wicked craving for apple pie today," she admitted, lifting up the plate. "So I brought us some. No whipped cream because it would probably turn in the heat, but really, a lot of good foods don't actually need it," she rambled idly, setting everything down. "It helps, of course it helps, but I mean, the real taste profile of the apple pie is the sweetness of the pie itself. And the brown sugar. You need brown sugar. You want some?"
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