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Your character's personality:

Being that Ainsley Hayes is from North Carolina (a
decidedly Southern state), there has been a long
history of women being seen as no more than Southern
Belles throughout history. The patriarchal way of life
was the common one until very recently and even today,
many families and communities bow to the patriarchal
society as a reflection of history. When Ainsley
speaks about past Republicans in her family, it is
always a male she highlights (her father, her
grandfather). She never speaks to her mother's
accomplishments, showcasing that even subconsciously,
she still plays by the society stereotypes. Ainsley
could be seen as the very definition of the societal
phenomenon wherein children fare better than their
parents. She has been able to overcome patriarchal
society and attend excellent schools, achieve
respected degrees, and work in Washington under
various influential people. She, as a woman of the
South, now has the power than in previous generations
would never be given to her.

She is also a very keen proponent of tradition,
though. Her belief system follows that of her families
and her role as a proud Republican coincides with the
family tradition of this.

Ainsley's choice of Republicanism is not just a matter
of being shoehorned into her family's desires. Her own
personal beliefs throughout the series have always
favoured a Republican way of life. In her attack
against the Equal Rights Amendment, she favours the
fact that the Constitution already protects women and
that she, as a woman, is able to do the rest. She
believes that she, as an individual, is able to
succeed without the help of the ERA. This is reflected
by her beliefs in the Republican ideology of giving
power to the various districts and empowering the
individual rather than keeping money and power at a
federal level.

Ainsley also displays a reverential respect for sacred
institutions and unmovable places of power (such as to
her father and to the President, Democrat or not). She
always displays respect to them, likely as a
reflection of her upbringing in the South where her
father taught her to respect the various institutions
that society deems important. While she gives respect
to the President, she is not a demure kitten in any
sense as she does not seem to hold the same pedestal
for those who work under the President and will say
and do what she believes is right (writing op-eds
regarding Leo's alcoholism).

Ainsley has very high standards for both herself and
for all those around her, expecting that since she
achieved such impressive accomplishments that no one
else should be lacking in that area. She enjoys
playing devil's advocate as well, seemingly to sound
out those around her and see what they know, what they
are willing to fight with, and simply to have a
discussion of great minds in order to showcase her own
intelligence and beliefs.

She holds very much to honour, but she also believes
in a type of honour that serves the public. Politics
is like her call to honour, to live and work in
Washington and work for the people as a lawyer. This
honour is something she defends greatly as she
believes in keeping her family name untarnished and
well-respected in the political world and her own
honour is something she fights for, in order to create
the best possible reputation for herself.

Occasionally, her nerves get the best of her, but she
does not allow them to show in any physical defeat
(does not shake or shrink), but it seems to express
itself in her manner of speech. When most nervous, she
adopts a fairly traditional method of speech, which
has earned her mockery. As far as nervous tics go,
however, this is hardly one that would hold her back.

In a few years time, with her accomplishments and her
personality, Ainsley could likely have gone from
lawyer to judge if she so wanted and would have been a
good candidate for the Supreme Court, as she has
proven in the past that she is willing to put aside
partisanship to do what is right for the country and
what is best for the White House. She believed that
she could best serve the White House when President
Bartlet offered her the position and she put aside her
party affiliations to work there, but did not put
aside her beliefs. In fact, if anything, she was able
to greater influence within the White House than
before (as they say, keep your friends close, keep
your enemies closer). Ainsley is a team-player in this
respect, as she does not delve into petty partisanship
when presented with those who take offense to her
affiliations. She truly believes in serving the
country, even if she has doubts in the party in the
White House at the moment.

Why do you want to play this character?: With the most
recent happenings on the island of the matter of
politics, I am very eager to have a political pup as I
myself am very interested in this plot and I would
love to be able to contribute and Ainsley (as a
lawmaker and a politician) would fit very well in
taking interest in that plot.

I have also wanted another female pup for some time,
as I would greatly like to balance out the
testosterone dominance in my brain. I also would like
to play Ainsley as I can use my interest and thirst
for political knowledge to help me play her (and it
will give me a challenge as I would have to research
the Right's political ideology rather than just skate
by on a centrist-liberal's ideologies).

I would also like to play Ainsley because she would be
a breath of fresh air to have someone so passionate
about her beliefs and someone whose voice is very much
unique as compared to the other pups I hold.

Tell us about your character's background: Ainsley
Hayes comes from a long line of proud Republicans, a
trend which she dutifully follows. Her grandfather was
the State Chairman of the North Carolina Republicans,
her father was a Republican, and Ainsley herself has
been a Republican since she was young and part of the
Young Republicans. She is an Episcopalian by religion,
though she is not greatly motivated by her religious
beliefs. It hardly ever comes up as she tends to use
intelligence, education, and her own personal beliefs
to make decisions rather than her faith.

She comes from North Carolina and has not abandoned
her roots, staying true to them and not adapting a
generic accent, but rather keeping the one she was
raised with. Abandoning her roots would almost be like
abandoning her family, and Ainsley stays very true to
honouring her family and their traditions.

Ainsley attended Smith College, a Liberal feminist
institution, where she was hated by her peers. She
has since returned to speak on a panel against the ERA
as she believes it is an unnecessary document. She
attended Harvard Law School to earn her law degree, a
great accomplishment which elevates her position in
society greatly (as opposed to women from the South
who, in the past, would merely be expected to marry
and have kids). She clerked for Chief Justice
Dreifort, a man whose views were greatly out of tune
with the very Administration that she was hired to
work for. In the past, she has written op-eds and
columns against the Bartlet Administration, its
policies, and even the affairs of its staffers (such
as her articles about Leo and his alcoholism). She
does not allow her personal connections to get in the
way of her sense of duty, honour, and serving her
country, feeling that if it needs to be said, then it
ought to be said regardless of how 'nice' the person
may be.

She encountered some dilemmas when she first began
working at the White House as most people did not
support her being there and ran into personal issues
when some staffers delivered her a dead bouquet of
flowers with a card that merely said: 'BITCH'. Though
she tried to shrug it off, Sam and Lionel Tribbey
wound up coming to her defense, firing the staffers
responsible, and making it clear that Ainsley worked
with them and wasn't there to cause drama or strife.

Ainsley is a proud Republican and though she may not
be working in the White House she dreamed of when she
was two, she proudly serves at the pleasure of the
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