Jan. 4th, 2008

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The rituals of cooking were something that wasn't lost on Ainsley Hayes. She was good at remembering recipes and traditions and when she said she'd cook, she meant it through and through. Eventually, she'd decided on something simple when it came to the menu, from biscuits like (but not exact) her Nana used to make, a boar-inspired meatloaf, and a berry pie to go with it.

Getting it to Shadow's place was the issue, but she could problem solve. She had once taken a test in the fourth grade that said she problem solved on a higher level than most kids. A basket had done the trick and after she'd put on a wool turtleneck of blue and a pair of jeans, the only thing missing was her thick camel-coat before she made the trek out in the cold.

If nothing else, what it did was keep her from overheating, which was far more important than it sounded. Eventually, she arrived and gave a light knock on the door with her knuckles. "Shadow? Hi, it's me. It's Ainsley Hayes. I'm here for our planned dinner?"


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Ainsley Hayes

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