[For Lucy]

Nov. 25th, 2009 04:16 pm
theirlawyer: (angles: by wakizashi)
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Ainsley had exactly one student in some of her classes. It was true that she didn't exactly anticipate the doors being broken down in order to be taught by her, but she had thought that she would have better luck than this. Still, just because only one person was there didn't mean she was going to slack in the least. She had formulated a specialized lesson plan just for Lucy and had their mentoring sessions.


And she was trying to figure out just why Lucy seemed so distracted. Ainsley pressed a palm to her slowly-growing stomach and picked at her shirt to adjust it before she looked at the girl with worry in her eyes. "Is it me? Are my lessons boring?" she asked with genuine concern. "If there's something that's dreadful about the lectures, you can tell me and we can move on, I promise."
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